The Conference schedule is still going on according to the original plan, however, the IAL IPA executive and local organizing Committees are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation

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Welcome to the PRE-REGISTRATION system for the IAL IPA 2021 Meeting


THIS IS NOT THE REGISTRATION FORM. We anticipate launching it by June 2020

Venue and dates: 21-25 March 2021, SC de Bariloche (Argentina)

IAL IPA Conference announcement 

The IAL -IPA executive and the local organising Committees have considered all options available for our upcoming international conference and the strong consensus is to  continue planning on the basis that the conference will still happen as a face-to-face meeting in Bariloche, Argentina in March 2022. 
We recognise that uncertainties remain and we will review the situation later in the year as necessary. However, we are happy to proceed with planning and organising an exciting programme so please look out for further announcements later in the year.